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Welcome to PGE e-store

Dear Customers,

Welcome to PGE e-store.

Since 1995 we have been providing the best energy and water saving products of two leading companies on market – Neoperl and Energy Technology Laboratories.

High quality of materials and strictly controlled manufacturing process makes our products usage last for the years. Theirs water and energy saving abilities will significantly decrease ( up to 80%) Your water and energy bills.

Calculator helps to calculate approximately savings, which will be brought while using our products. If it’s not enough – contact us. You will receive a complete and satisfactory response for all questions.

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Star Product
Water saving cascade aerator with easy lime cleaning system. Flow, indepedent of water presure: 5 l/min. (in practice it means, that during a short hand washing (15 sec) you can save from 1 to 2 liters of water). Thread: inner M22x1 outer M24x1  Water saving: 30-60% Within a year, assuming that a tap is used 5 minutes per day, it can possible to save about 15 cubic meters of water. Yearly you can ... read more.
22,76 zł (excl. TAX)
27,99 zł (incl. TAX)
water saving aerator NC-PCA 5 l/min SLC
New Products For April
aerator Bubble Stream 5,7 l/min
aerator Bubble Stream 5,7 l/min
outer (male) thread M24x1 aerated flow water flow 8,2 l/min (2,2 gpm)
4,20 zł (excl. TAX)
5,17 zł (incl. TAX)
aerator Bubble Stream 5,7 l/min
aerator Bubble Stream 5,7 l/min
outer (male) thread M24x1 aerated flow water flow 5,7 l/min (1,5 gpm)
5,00 zł (excl. TAX)
6,15 zł (incl. TAX)
12,00 zł (excl. TAX)
14,76 zł (incl. TAX)

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